Non-commercial coloured-musical-independent art-film. Hungary 2009

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“The female Aries is open, dynamic and quick-tempered, the male Capricorn is quieter, restrained, more cautious. If they get over the resulting disputes, they can trust in a good cooperation together. This relationship is probably not what they dreamed of. A born optimist,meeting a born pessimist. Even with these differences,a strong love can grow between an Aries girl and a Capricorn boy, but the longer relationship might be more problematic. ” ….
If the relationship becomes too complicated,the breakup is inevitable.

The ~24 scenes with different music and various pictures sets mood to review those feelings, and thus tells a story. The film is based on reality and does not contain any fictional elements, rather displaying important moments artistically. The whole cast and moments captured or reconstructed within real life. The film is personal, authentic, and does not contain excessive overdrives.

Orsolya Kálmánczhelyi – character
István Király – director, photography, editor, character
Zsuzsanna Némethy – character
Gábor Szerencsés – photography
Zoltán Téglás – photography
Tibor Szendrei – illustration
Norbert Baksa – photography
(R.I.P) Ferenc Bakai – photography, character

Other characters and participants
Zsolt Hídvégi, Ferenc Tóth
Nóra Juhász, László Máté, Endre Dvornicsenkó,
Stefan v. Seper, Borbála Németh, István Kántor,
Katalin Király, Michael Grant,
Zsuzsanna Varga, Kira Santa, Péter Zsoldos, Norbert Varga
András Végh, Leila Lakatos, Gyula Ruszkay, Andrea Sztojanovics

Éva Kőműves, Hristos Cukalas, Gábor Katona, Roland Black