About me, about us

I was born in 1979. I'm coming from a family with engineering and artistic background, speaking 3 human and several machine languages.
I have been following the advancement of computing and digital technology, and I'm working mostly as a system designer. In the physical world as well as in the world of software, I create comprehensive systems with creative solutions.
I almost use only free open source software and support these systems' development.
Over time, business has developed, we formed a team that is constantly expanding, so we are teaching and learning, progressing together.

Király István
+36 209 753 758
D250 Systems Kft. HU26680774-2-13
D250 Laboratories Bt. HU25708293-1-13

LaKing@D250.hu Facebook Github D250 Laboratories @ YouTube

Boilerplate 2.x
Since 2018

A modular full-stack framework for rapidly building NodeJS based applications. Not just a package, not just an app, a complete system.

ßoilerplate @ Github
Codepad 2.x
Active since 2014

Realtime collaborative coding in the browser.

Learn coding or do the actual work with friends and collegues in a collaborative fashion, in realtime over the web. See what you are doing in realtime character by character.

Take a look!


The first codepad implementation was based on etherpad, and is referred as ep_codepad. The actual, second implementation is based on CodeMirror. Installed on our development server container instaces.

codepad @ Github
Srvctl 3.x
Active since 2015

Systemd based server and containerfarm manager

Developed for Redhat/Fedora Linux server operating systems.

A set of scripts forming a program and a system for manging a couple of containers. Uses systemd-nspawn for container managment.

srvctl @ Github
Workstation installer
Since 2014

Tool for users and sysadmins working with Fedora Desktop.
After answering a couple of questions, let this script install all the tools you need.
Application stacks grouped together, and possibly not licensed open enough, so grabbing them from rpmfusion and other 3rd party sources.

curl https://raw.githubusercontent.com/LaKing/fedora-workstation/master/install-workstation.sh > install-workstation.sh \ 
&& bash install-workstation.sh
fedora-workstation @ Github
Mikrotik installer

Scripts to aid installations of Mikrotik routerboards

mikrotik-installer @ Github