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Collaborative Online Development Environment – anywhere, in your browser!


Edit any project together with colleges or friends in really-realtime, online over the web.
Increase efficiency, robustness and security, and reach milestones faster then ever before!

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Get a private account on our servers.
Consider the collaborative workflow for your company.
To install locally, use etherpad’s plugin installer and settings editor on Linux or OsX.

npm install ep_codepad

ep_codepad @ Github
ep_codepad @ npmjs.com

Fedora srvctl 2.x

Fedora server and container farm orchestration tool.

To install through the repo, use the following commands as root:

curl ftp://d250.hu/fedora-release/d250.repo > /etc/yum.repos.d/d250.repo
yum -y install srvctl

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srvctl 2.x @ Github

Fedora Workstation installer

Install common software for proper workstations on Fedora.

Proprietary codecs, tools, applications for home or office use.
.. lab flavor.

Start the wizard – that will ask for categories with:

curl http://d250.hu/scripts/install-workstation.sh > install.sh \
&& bash install.sh

.. and answer each question with y/n.

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