Companies working on closed-source code can request our special service, anywhere in the world!
One of our developers may travel to the company headquarters or any destination to execute any of the following tasks locally and personally.

  • Introduction to the collaborative coding work-flow on a company level
  • Training of project managers, developers, designers and administrators
  • Infrastructure engineering, optimization, harmonization
  • In-house server installation, preparation, supervision
  • Implementation of company-specific features, and connectivity scripts

Features in the realtime collaborative company-workflow can be:

  • Faster turnaround times, no need to wait for developer-operations on classic version managers.
  • Ability to focus more on crucial parts of the code, to harden security, to optimize speed.
  • Possibility to work together in a more tight way, by assigning employees to specific tasks, eg. coding, algorithm optimization, commenting, typo corrections, etc.

Feel free to contact me for a special offer, customized for your company profile!