The lab offers infrastructure solutions and Hosting services for developers and projects.

  • Collaborative online code editing with codepad
  • Running domains in virtual environments (VE’s)
  • Git push, compile, package, run code
  • Web, email, DNS, hosting
  • WordPress, Joomla, NodeJS, …
  • Fedora with SSH and SFTP access
  • No hard coded limits for dynamic expansion

Recommended support levels are:

  • 8 € /mo – per domain with personal support.
  • 4 € /mo – per domain without personal support.

Please contact me on and

  • let me know your name and your contact details (email, phone)
  • desired unix-username within our lab
  • your project(s) domain name(s) (FQDN)
  • attach your ssh-rsa public key
  • optionally, your billing address

The ssh-rsa public key is a hidden file in your home’s .ssh directory.

cat ~/.ssh/

To generate a new one, use the command

ssh-keygen -t rsa -b 2048

Several users may work on several projects, please send me the lab usernames when creating a new workspace / domain.
FQDN’s might be hosted and served within the lab.

Violating the lab-policy by distributing mass amount of copyrighted material, spamming, violating international law, or excessive service usage, might lead to account suspension, cancellation or offer reconsideration. No data is given out to third persons. Backups are made with double redundancy, data-safety guarantee is limited.