The LAB-project is the mother of all our IT projects.
It provides the infrastructure, the platform, for commercial as well as opensource development. It serves as a platform for our friends and colleges in our developer community. Web, e-mail, a wiki-page, a forum, git, and everything what a project might need in the digital net-world, as well as personal web-hosting.

LaKing’s projects:
RTE – ‘ray tracing engine’, – Virtual Reality with OpenCL.
SDP – ‘stereoscopic display’, – hardware and windowing system for depth in 3D.
WSE – ‘wikisociety’ – a kind of social networking for exchanging values without money.
APP – Webhosting and Control Panel, based on lxc.
BPO – ‘Siege Of Budapest’ – cinema film project.

Projects from Márton Németh
EBRE Software – Mixing desk remote controlling software.

We ar looking for developers and their projects. Feel free to get in contact.