We are looking for programmers, and web developers for our internal and our external IT projects.

Part time or full time, junior or senior programmers and program designers, IT experts.
Primary for C++ and/or Ruby / javascript development, however, experiences in other languages can’t harm.

Primary factor code quality.

At Beatport

Panel Trax has released the track polar on a compilation, available at beatport.
This relative aggressive classic techno track has already proven it’s functionality in the Mono-Club.
Back then also Newl requested a video for his show called PartyZone. polar.mpg


Original games do not fade.

And thats true especially for Operation Flashpoint, the first game from Bohemia Interactive.
The OFP-times seem to have ended for me, although, I enjoy joining IRON’s XR server from time to time.

However, since we have this new website, I post some link’s to my work’s from the OFP Era.

Download LaKing’s OFP Script editor.
Download KICTI, mission for OFP.

Operating system update

R2 had a kernel panic after a software update, and has now the latest software versions installed.

Fedora core 14 with the latest packages.

This is THE LAB dude!

Welcome to the new website of D250 Laboratories. Enjoy your stay.

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