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Little crash

Last week R2 crashed. The motherboard started to do weird things, and then stopped working completely. It took down the root file system as well as the backup file system. Things are back up, with the latest software versions.


There are several new features built in to our system in The LAB.

First of all, we are now part of PKI, the Public Key Infrastructure. StartSSL authenticated D250 Laboratories, and the SSL keys are successfully built in to all our services, that need encryptions.

There are also news from our internal site, the forum and the wiki have now facebook-connect authentication built in, for easy login.

And last but not least, we got involved to the development of ISPConfig. Several new features are implemented, such as password-less ssh login, or signing CA certificates by a local custom CA.
these features are uploaded into the SVN trunk of ISPconfig 3, and hopefully should be included in the next update.

Long live Open-Source Software and ipage hosting!


We are looking for programmers, and web developers for our internal and our external IT projects.

Part time or full time, junior or senior programmers and program designers, IT experts.
Primary for C++ and/or Ruby / javascript development, however, experiences in other languages can’t harm.

Primary factor code quality.

Operating system update

R2 had a kernel panic after a software update, and has now the latest software versions installed.

Fedora core 14 with the latest packages.

This is THE LAB dude!

Welcome to the new website of D250 Laboratories. Enjoy your stay.

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