There were tons of updates and they keep on coming!

First of all, the hardware update is now complete on R2. It took quite a long time tho ..
Western Digital‘s Caviar Green disks are not as good as how we are used to from this company. I think I never had to send back so many disks at all. However, finally all disks seem to be fully operational.
That makes now over 16TB Disk capacity in our server, i7 processor 8 core’s, 12GB ram. Software updates are also part of our work, so WordPress, and all the other major pieces have updates too.

And I’m also updating my home infrastructure. Setting up a DAW-system, with tons of hardware, and Linux software, like Ardour, and side by side with digital audio editing, video-editing, image processing capabilities get also extended. My primary workstation is now dedicated almost completely to software development. I work on my own PHP engine at the moment, with the first project dealing with LXC containers. let’s hope we can switch to an LXC-based hosting as soon as possible because after seeing some webhosting review, that would be the next milestone in the development in the LAB.